Our quality standards

Our quality standards

"Our high quality standards represent the commitment of the men and women of Charal over nearly 30 years, to treat you to the best meat has to offer: between sourcing, selection, certification, traceability, testing and audits, nothing is left to chance. That is the foundation of our whole organization and a continuous, non-negotiable requirement." Bernard Collin, Charal Quality Director

Quality in numbers

Each day, Charal keeps an eye on our product safety, thanks to extremely strict manufacturing processes, and ensures that our meat satisfies the highest quality criteria, every step of the way. To achieve this, Charal performs microbiological analyses which go above and beyond regulatory requirements. For example, the company’s conducts five times more checks on the most sensitive products. Likewise, our ground meat is subjected to additional microbiological testing, not imposed by regulation, to better prevent the risks associated with E. coli bacteria.

Certified sites

Today, Charal is the most advanced company in the meat industry in terms of quality and food safety certification. Our eight sites are all certified ISO 9001, and six of them have received IFS certification from the independent French agency AFAQ-AFNOR Certification, proving our compliance with international quality management and food safety standards. In addition, all our abattoirs have obtained European health accreditation, involving annual inspections by the official veterinary services attached to the French Ministry of Agriculture. Those veterinarians are also present at each of our abattoirs on a daily basis, alongside our operators.


Our fully computerized traceability chain extends from the birth of calves to batches of finished goods and their packaging, ensuring that we can always identify the animals’ provenance and track them by means of their individual ID numbers (on their ear tags) and their passports. All the animals’ identifiers, down to the batch numbers for the cuts of meat, are recorded in Charal’s information system, allowing us to follow the traceability chain back to the farmers.

Tracking in pictures

Truly rigorous hygiene

At Charal’s sites, everyone is a daily promoter of food safety and hygiene, thanks to specific techniques and good practices on which they have been trained and are continuously inspected. For example:

  • At our abattoirs: After each use, knives are plunged into water at 80°C to sterilize them.
  • In our workshops: Meat cutters’ gloves are washed and sterilized every two hours. Their boots are cleaned and disinfected multiple times a day, each time the cutters pass through the obligatory “hygienic airlocks” at the entrance to the workshop.
  • At all our sites: Each night, the premises are washed and disinfected in full, from floor to ceiling. Likewise, all the equipment is disinfected after being dismantled as completely as possible to provide access to all the parts that come into contact with meat, so that no organic matter remains.

Provenance of our meat

Charal’s French Beef prioritizes the French sourcing of our supply. Our abattoirs are based in the main French livestock farming regions, where the animals are selected according to rigorous specifications. As a result, 100% of our fresh and frozen ground beef, 100% of our cuts of barbecue beef and 100% of Charal’s burgers are certified VBF (French Beef). That acronym, displayed on our packaging, indicates that the meat came from cows born, reared and slaughtered in France. In very rare cases (1%) where we cannot source the meat in France, due to a lack of availability or a quality issue, the same quality criteria and traceability will apply as for our French supply. In those instances, the provenance of the meat is indicated on the packaging.

Ground beef production

From farming the cattle to our points of sale, Charal applies rigorous procedures every day to guarantee maximum safety at each step in the process. Thanks to these high standards, the brand ensures consumers can enjoy fresh and frozen products that are as safe as they are delicious. Highly popular among consumers, Charal’s ground beef owes its success to this steadfast approach, followed at every level. Learn more about each of the steps in the production of ground beef.