Our key facts and figures

Charal is the No. 1 brand in France for fresh and frozen meat. Founded in 1986, based on a ground-breaking technological innovation in the field of butchery, the Hebdopack®natural preservation process, Charal has since become a recognized brand of meat and the favourite among the French.

In 2008, Charal became a 100% owned subsidiary of the Bigard Group, one of the leaders on the European meat market. It specializes in animal slaughtering and meat processing (beef, pork and lamb).


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Our profession : butcher

Of Charal’s 3,000 employees, 500 of them are butchers. They are the heart of our company and the quality offered by Charal. At each step in the process, our qualified butchers select, cut and make the most of the choicest pieces of meat. They bring to life irreplaceable traditional expertise within our innovative company.

Brand basics

The 3,000 women and men working at Charal all share the same concept of quality. To do justice to our meat and offer you the highest quality each and every day, we work actively on three vital action areas:

  • PROTECTING our consumers and our employees: we are uncompromising on food safety and hygiene. We are committed to occupational safety and environmental preservation.
  • COMMUNICATING with our consumers, suppliers and partners: by listening to the people for whom we work and with whom we grow, we are better able to meet their expectations and share our passion for meat.
  • INNOVATING for the well-being of our employees and to better meet our clients’ expectations: new workshops, new processes, new flavours, new ways to enjoy meat, revolutionary packaging, and the list goes on.

    Charal looks forward to a long future of pioneering in meat.

Our history

Charal, the No. 1 French meat brand, came to be in 1986, inspired by a desire to simplify consumption habits and preserve the quality of fresh meat by giving consumers a new way to preserve beef, thanks to the invention of the Hebdopack®. Since that time, Charal has continued to innovate in the interest of forever boosting safety, quality and enjoyment for consumers. In that way, we have become the leading brand on the meat market in France.